Headteacher's Message

Welcome one and all to Hemsby Primary School; we are very proud of it and our school community.


Happy, safe, nurtured children learn well and, at our school, every one of our children is valued, supported, cherished and listened to; one child told the Ofsted team – who inspected us in 2016 – ‘being at the school was like being in one big family’ and we are a family who care deeply for the safeguarding of our children and is of paramount importance to us all.


Each learner at our school has the right to access an engaging curriculum that not only teaches them how to read, write and calculate, but also how to prepare them for today, tomorrow and beyond, which is summarised in our learning value; ‘Learning together, learning forever’ and that is exactly what every boy and girl receives here.

Our English curriculum is theme-based and immersive; allowing children to fully explore topics in exciting, purposeful, diverse ways, examining, researching and presenting their work through a variety of mediums, such as art, technology and musical interpretation, to name but a few. By bringing our

learning to life, our children are able to further develop their writing, as recommended in our Ofsted report.

We apply a range of exciting strategies to challenge and move all of our learners on in their mathematics knowledge, skills and understanding, which – together with reading – was recognised as a strength in the Ofsted report.


I consider being the Head Teacher of Hemsby Primary School a privilege; join our community and you too will realise that you are part of something very special.


Jordan D.S. Risebrow

T: 01493 730364 office@hemsby.norfolk.sch.uk

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