Britannia Pier

Hemsby Primary school took part in the Britannia Pier on Friday 30th June as part of the Great Yarmouth Schools show 'A rainbow of music!'
Each school presented a dance or a song based on colours. The children were excellent! They preformed so well even after doing three performances. It is a long day for our KS2 children but they were so full of energy and danced/sang their socks off!!
Thanks to Ms Philps for the fabulous costumes and the support from all the parents. 
A massive thank you for the excellent work goes to Miss Ritchie for organizing of the choir and to Mrs Annison for her support. 
The biggest thanks goes to Miss Wilson who choreographed the dance and spends her own time practicing with the chidlren and organizing Hemsby's part in the show.
T: 01493 730364

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