We started this half term by learning ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ as our T4W text. We looked at different bears and wrote information about where they live and what they like to eat. We are trying to extend our writing to make it more interesting. 

In maths we have been using positional language such as behind, beside and in front of with different objects. We have used the animals from Noah’s Ark to help us count in twos.  We have also looked at odd and even numbers using numicon. 

Mr Alan has been working with us again on our ‘Funtrition” lessons talking about food groups and foods we need to eat to help us healthy. 

We hosted a sports morning which other reception classes attended. The children enjoyed taking part in the different activities. 

We went on our first trip to Africa Alive. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed seeing the different animals. In our Discovery session we had the opportunity to touch and hold various small animals. It was great that so many of the children wanted to touch them. 

Our topic next half term is The Seaside. 

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