Inspirational Women

25th June 2018

As part of our Inspirational Women project, Hemsby Primary school invited some truely inspirational people to talk to our young pupils. 
Monday East Norfolk College came in; Dr Catherine Richards and two students who are studying to go into the medical profession talked to the pupils about how they became interested in their fields.
Tuesday East Coast College based in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft came in with some students in different fields and they were truely inspirational.
Thursday - the children spent a whole day looking at different women to inspire them - from Coco Chanel, to Amelia Earhart, to Rosa Parker to Harriet Tudman, to the Suffragettes to Anne Frank and Nina Simone to Tanni Grey-Thompson. The children then came to together for an assembly where we all explained who we had looked at.
Friday the years 5 & 6 had a civil engineer come in to inspire them. Ann Vicens works in Great Yarmouth and is a project leader there - she spoke about her route to civil engineer and what opportunities the work could lead to. 
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