Jubliee Tree Planting

20th November 2012

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the Woodland Trust donated thousands of native trees to be planted in public places as a lasting commemoration of the celebration.
Hemsby Primary applied for some trees to plant in the school grounds and last week they arrived. There were 60 trees in total consisting of Birch, Rowan, Cherry and one Royal Oak.
On Thursday the children from Nursery through to Year 6 all helped to plant the trees along with helpers Mr Hannant, Mr Pepper and Mrs Syndercombe. The trees were planted in a group next to the trim trail to provide some shade in future years, along the fence next to the farm and in a row up to the garden area.
Although the trees are all very small at the moment it is hoped that with lots of care Hemsby school will soon have some thriving trees to be enjoyed by pupils in future years.






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