Year 3 have been learning to write suspense stories in English. This follows on from the short story that we have been studying in class called ‘Alien Landing’, and sightings of strange objects hovering above our playground. In the same extra-terrestrial theme, we have also had contact from Zinnia, an alien from the planet ‘Dock 5’, who has tasked us in our Science lessons with researching the conditions needed to grow human food as they desire to open a hotel for humans on their own planet. Our topic for this term is ‘Water’, and as well as the water cycle, we have been be learning about oceans, seas and rivers across the world. After half term we will be focussing on water local to us by studying the broads. Our art after half term will also link to the water theme and we will be learning how different artists portray water before creating our own broads inspired piece. Year 3 have been working very hard in their swimming lessons by gaining confidence in the water but also learning skills such as swimming unaided for 20m and fully submerging to retrieve a float from the bottom of the pool. I would like to thank the Kingfishers and parents for giving me such a warm welcome to Hemsby and Norfolk – It’s been a pleasure to meet and work with you all over the past half term and I’m very much looking forward to the remainder of the year with you.
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