Owls (Year 1)

What an exciting half term it has been in the Owls. We’ve received so many letters through the post from the Jolly Postman, Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Owls have been so excited and have been keen to write letters back to all the different characters. We know now how to start and end a letter and can ask and answer questions in our replies.

We’ve worked very hard in our Bushcraft sessions, and as you will already have seen, the children have earned their First Aid certificate and badge. We are so proud of them for all they have remembered and for having a go at all of the practical activities. We’re looking forward to our Bushcraft Café next half term when we can share all we’ve been learning with our grown ups.

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about Mondrian and Kandinsky in our abstract art topic and have had fun creating their own versions of famous paintings.

In topic we’ve learnt how different nursing and hospitals were in the past and enjoyed meeting a real nurse and listening to her describe what hospitals and nursing are like nowadays.

Next half term we will move to focus on Castles as part of our Faces and Places topic. We’re looking forward to building a model castle and finding out all about them.

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