What a fantastic first half term we have had in the Woodpeckers' classroom. The children have all worked extremely hard and really deserve the Half term break. 
Firstly they have written adventurous stories in which their main character helps a mysterious beast and is rewarded with a jewel. We have had descriptions of unicorns, griffins and dragons. The children have tried to include expanded nouns phrases and prepositions to give their reader more information
Mathematics has been very challenging as we have been expanding our knowledge of fractions, as well as introducing the idea of decimals. The children have learnt that the decimal point stays in the same place and it is the value of the digit that changes when you multiply or divided by 10 or 100.
Topic has taken us through the rainforest and into the world of the Maya. The children designed some amazing masks, along with printing their very own glyph.
Finally they used their mark making skills to decorate sun and moon pictures based oon the works of South American artists.
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