Year 1 & 2 Trip to the Elizabethan House and Time and Tide Museum

29th January 2013

The Jays and the Owls had a fantastic time at the Elizabethan House and the Time and Tide Museum. They spent time in a Victorian Kitchen, scullery and bedroom; learning all about how people lived in the past.

They found out that homes in the past didn't have electricity and that you had to fill up a big metal tub with jugs of water to wash rather than just turn on the tap in a bath. Houses didn't have lovely bathrooms kike we have now; people had to use a chamber pot if they needed the loo in the middle of the night!

The ladies at the Elizabethan House made the children work very hard: grinding sugar with a pestle and mortar board; using a dolly and a mangle to clean clothes and using a carpet beater to beat the dust out of a rug. 

At the Time and Tide Museum the children got to explore some traditional Row houses - they decided that they would definitely rather live in their houses with televisions, central heating and electricity!

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